Welcome to my site!

Here as wife, mother of four, life coach, and firm believer in Jesus and ordained prophet, I would love to help out who I can, learn from others with like minded faith and vision and hopefully somewhere along the line make new friends.

I will be writing about all things transitional 🙂

As people and especially as wives and mothers we are always moving, always evolving, always transforming and always growing, even when we feel down trodden or even oppressed, we need to remind ourselves that there are others out there who have also felt what we feel and come through what we have come through and managed to keep on moving forward, and are willing to share the naked truth of what it means to go through metamorphosis, what it felt like to have to adapt, transform, change and never give up.

So hop on this train moving through the world of womanhood and lets connect and encourage one another.

One of us does not have it all together, but if we all share, well, then together we will have it all.

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you ❤

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